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Go Beyond Digital’s platform transforms the way trade compliance and risk can be managed. We empower organisations with 360 view of the counter parties – from KYC, trade compliance, ESG and financial risk. Our purpose is to simplify and enhance compliance and risk management.

Our experience and expertise in the digital space helps customers with their digital journey. With blend of technology, people, and process, we enable our customers to create, identify and achieve their digital roadmap.

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We are a team of professionals, with extensive experience in maritime, logistics, finance, and risk management. We have combined and leveraged our decades of experience to help our customers manage their digital journey and have a special focus in KYC, compliance, risk, and cost. Our solution removes the hassle of compliance management, provide insights of financial risk, and ESG reporting – through a single window platform. Using structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, we provide comprehensive information about compliance, adverse media, and risk.

Our vision is to help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and generate value for their organization.

Our ability to understand the customer journey, our autonomy, creativity, and agility has helped us to consistently deliver value to our customers. We work with the philosophy that our services should help customer excel in their business. We are happy to go that extra mile to make sure we achieve customers objectives.

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Our ServicesGo Beyond is geared to work with start-ups as well as established organisations. We structure our offering to meet the end goals of our customers


Take digitisation step closer to your business, identify what would drive your strategy and evaluate what technology would drive your objectives.


Get company information and details on corporate structures. Combined with sanctions and other adverse media data, our solution provides new levels of certainty on your third parties, and the individuals behind them.


Structure your risk management and procurement
We can help you:
• Centralize and structure your data
• Automate your risk processes
• Analyze and spot risk quickly

Pain Points We Solve

Data Inconsistencies

Information Gaps

Inefficient Processes

Data Silos

Resource Intensity

An Integrated Solution Suite for Finance, Risk and Compliance team

Our solution suite facilitates a comprehensive, collaborative structure that places the key functions of finance, risk, and regulatory team in managing counter party risk and compliance. The solution allows user to capture their own data, integrate external data and therefor help the compliance, the commercial and the finance team work in a synchronized way. Our solution provides the scalability needed to process large volumes of data required by new data-driven regulatory regimes, preserving data lineage at each stage, and management dashboards that drive actionable decisions.

Comply With Regulations & Policies

Manage and comply with regulatory requirements across various locations. The platform enables internal policies to be managed and implemented across the organisation. The solution enhances the credibility of your due diligence program with comprehensive audit trails and on-going monitoring alerts. Creates additional bandwidth for the compliance team by supporting repetitive administrative work.

Enhanced Risk Management

Reduce uncertainty and enhance implementation of company objectives in terms of contracts, tenure, value. Track key risk indicators and adverse media in a structured manner to ensure continuity of operations. The tool manages aggregate risk score and provides overview of company’s exposure and manage risk appetite enabling better governance and meeting company objectives. Our counter party credit reports provide information on corporate structure, financial performance, and technology risk.

Connecting the Global Industry Through Data

We connect data, people, ideas, and process to bring the desired outcome. We leverage advanced big data and business intelligence tools to extract actionable insights. We combine structured, unstructured data from various sources, use advanced analytical techniques and technology to analyse information and create data models that provide customers better insights of the business eco system.

From Ports to commodity suppliers, traders to manufacturers and service providers, we bring data in different shades and colour to help our customers. Our timely delivery of projects enables you to be better equipped to support your business.


Many organisations around the globe are now speaking about ESG. Start capturing ESG score of your counter parties to create the holistic and compelling story about the impact your organisation wants to make. Our ESG tool helps you to capture ESG readiness score, and provide corporates an ability to lay down a broader strategy on ESG implementation.


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